Musician Dave Curl Proves that Dedication Trumps a Lifetime of Practice as He Prepares to Release His EP

When people hear music over the radio, the first thought that comes to mind is that the artist dedicated years of their lives to perfecting their craft as early as their childhood. While this implication may be strong, there are a few that discover their musical talent at a later age. Dave Curl is a musician whose endeavors started as he entered adulthood, but through his dedication, the artist was able to build his brand faster than those who spent their whole lives polishing their craft.

A resident of Winterthur, Switzerland, with his wife and daughter, Dave Curl is an indie-rock artist whose songwriting and lyricism connects with his audience and takes them on an emotional journey. While he has often only released single tracks in the past, the musician released debut album in March 2021.

The album, Introducing, features a collection of previously released singles, including an acoustic version of the track “These Days.” The album gives listeners an intimate first glimpse into who Dave Curl is as an artist. Months later, he would release a rock anthem titled “Had Enough,” which talks about standing up to negativity. The track was also accompanied by a music video on YouTube. 

Dave Curl’s soulful lyrics and catchy melodies exposes listeners to a sensitive artist whose warm and deep vocals provoke a profound response. He first earned wider recognition in 2015 when his songs made their way into over 500 Spotify playlists heard in several countries around the globe.

The artist’s journey into music started when he picked up and learned to play the acoustic guitar when he was 20 years old. Immediately, he set off to write his own songs with the few chords he knew. Since then, Dave continued to work on his craft.

“I write and compose my own songs based on feelings and situations I encounter in my daily life,” said the musician. “I’m also a teacher and a karateka and love to surf in my free time.”

Initially from Melbourne, Australia, Dave Curl found his home in Switzerland where he entered a marriage that has been going strong for over 22 years with a daughter who grew up to become an interactive media designer. While he spends most of his time at home, Dave also travels to southern countries, surfing, songwriting, and performing with his band. Throughout his career, Dave has performed in more than 100 concerts in Switzerland and abroad.

Towards the end of 2021, Dave released the first single for his upcoming EP Slaves to Instincts called “Had Enough.” Along with the track, the musician is releasing a song titled “Shallow Show,” wherein listeners take a journey through his carefully crafted lyrics to hear him tell the story of being bothered by a catfish trying to lure him in through fake erotic messages.

The track is a social commentary in today’s online world backed by catchy melodies, insightful lyrics, and an explosive chorus that showcases the musician’s powerful vocal performance. “The strong melody of the chorus came to me while jogging in the woods, thinking about some fake erotic messages that filled up my spam and how this could affect my relationship if followed,” explained Dave.

The EP will see Dave Curl go from strength to strength this year and only marks the beginning of his illustrious career in the music industry as he believes there is more for him to share.

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