Rising Star NewmanBeatbox Creates Virtual Choir Experience Through Live Streams

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In the world of live streaming, where creativity knows no bounds, Matt Newman, also known as NewmanBeatbox, has emerged as a rising star. With his extensive experience as a beatboxer, vocalist, and performer, Matt has captivated audiences on various platforms. Now, he takes his passion to new heights with an exciting project that invites viewers to join him in creating a virtual choir through his live streams. 

Every week, Matt streams the mesmerizing process of transforming a video game track into an a cappella masterpiece. His viewers get an exclusive glimpse into the artistry behind producing studio-grade music, fostering a deep appreciation for the craft. 

To bring his community closer and encourage collaboration, Matt created a dedicated Discord server. This hub allows viewers to connect, communicate, and access the different parts of the track he’s working on. By providing free access to these files, Matt enables his viewers to participate in the creative process.  

After a week of practicing their assigned parts, Matt’s viewers eagerly submit their video and audio recordings to be included in the final track. The following Monday, the culmination of their collective effort is revealed—a spectacular virtual choir performance. Matt skillfully combines all the submissions into a harmonious composition, which he shares with the world through social media. 


This innovative approach to live streaming sets Matt apart from the crowd. “I don’t know of another stream where the viewers make music with the streamer. It takes the live-streaming concept from something that you’re watching to something that you are a part of,” he said. “There are so many people that find themselves without a community that’s there for them. I find that the deeper meaning behind this virtual choir project and the live streaming, in general, is that we can thrive together by working together,” he added. 

Through his virtual choir project, Matt breaks barriers and invites his viewers to contribute their talents, regardless of their level of experience. All it takes is a phone camera and microphone to join in the fun. 

Matt’s live streams take place on various platforms, but one that stands out is Bigo, where he streams alongside the Voyagers agency. The Voyagers have been instrumental in helping Matt kickstart his live-streaming career during challenging times. Their support has allowed him to create a vibrant and inclusive community that spans beyond boundaries.  

Apart from the virtual choir project, Matt’s live streams are packed with entertainment, energy, and interactivity. Drawing upon his years of experience performing in front of live audiences, he brings the same electrifying atmosphere to his online shows. Matt’s dedication to engaging with his viewers shines through as he interacts with every individual in the chat, making them feel valued and appreciated. 

In addition to the sheer entertainment value, Matt’s live streams provide a unique learning opportunity. With his vast knowledge of a cappella music and production techniques, he willingly shares insights into the process of arranging, recording, mixing, and mastering songs. “The project launched this week, and my viewers are submitting their tracks as we speak! I would love for anyone interested to join,” Matt shared. 

Matt’s captivating live streams appeal to a wide audience thanks to their family-friendly nature and the universal language of music. Whether you’re a beatboxer, an a cappella buff, or a music enthusiast, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Matt’s community spans across age groups, from middle school students to retirees, united by their love for music. 

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