Spotlight on Patricia Gagic: Celebrating the Canadian Star of Art Tour International Magazine

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An air of excitement envelopes the global art community as it heralds the rise of a new luminary. Patricia Gagic, a renowned Canadian visual artist, has gained significant recognition, not just within her home country, but internationally. This year, she has received the coveted title of “Artist of The Year 2023” by the illustrious Art Tour International Magazine, a ceremony often hailed as the “Oscars of The Visual Arts.” 

The realm of visual arts is one that transcends borders, connecting hearts and minds across continents and cultures. It is a space where talent is recognized, and artists like Patricia Gagic are celebrated for their unique abilities to capture the ineffable and translate it into breathtaking visual narratives. This annual award ceremony by Art Tour International Magazine provides a grand platform for these artists, offering an unforgettable experience that reverberates throughout their artistic careers. 

Gagic was filled with humility and excitement as she received the award. “The chance to infuse Canadian elements into my work and see it splashed across the cover of Art Tour International Magazine’s Top 60 Masters was both heart-stopping and deeply thrilling,” she explained. “Working with Lotus97.7 allowed me to delve deeper into my soul work, bringing it alive for the world to appreciate.” 


One aspect Gagic highlights about her interaction with Art Tour International Magazine is the emphasis on sharing. The magazine has facilitated a global network of talented artists who are unwavering in their dedication to their craft and the transformation they can inspire within society. 

Gagic is an international contemporary artist, award-winning author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and humanitarian who has dedicated her career to perfecting the palette and techniques of the French Master Dragan Dragic and the Matisse palette. Her work revolves around the Karmic Revolution, which finds its expression in her artwork and books. 

Represented by Gallery on the Bay in Hamilton and Artworld Fine Art in Toronto, Gagic has also exhibited with BB International Fine Arts in Switzerland, gracing art fairs in Geneva, Berlin, France, Austria, and Zurich. Her work has been showcased at the Coda Gallery in New York and the NY Art Fair, further solidifying her position within the international art community. 

Patricia Gagic has an intriguing philosophy about abstract art. She believes that the essence of abstract art lies in the idea, form, and elegance it embodies. Each new moment offers a fresh context, creating an intricate dance between imagination and the essence of human DNA. Gagic suggests that each stroke of the artist’s brush contains a shadow, an element often overlooked, but which reveals a lot more than what meets the eye. This is the destiny of art, to reveal something beyond sound, beyond thinking, a mirror into the beauty of our ever-changing world. 


Art Tour International, the leading voice in the art world, with over 2.1 million readers in 205 countries, remains a crucial platform for international artists like Patricia Gagic. It not only provides print magazines and a state-of-the-art digital publication but also hosts the ArtTour International TV Show, reaching over ten million viewers every week, and the ATIM Top 60 Masters Awards. 

Today, as Patricia Gagic stands tall as the Artist of the Year, she embodies the spirit of the visual arts in its purest form. Through her journey, she encourages other artists to aspire, explore, and continue the pursuit of visual excellence. As she progresses on her artistic journey, she carries the pride of her Canadian roots and the honor of international recognition, continuing to inspire the world with her vivid palette and profound insights. 

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