The Inspiring New Chapter of John Vento: Love, Lust & Wreckage
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The Inspiring New Chapter of John Vento: Love, Lust & Wreckage

Renowned rocker John Vento, who delighted audiences worldwide as the vibrant front man of The Nied’s Hotel Band, unveils a fresh chapter of his musical journey, encapsulating his enduring passion for his craft. With a brand-new single set to captivate hearts and a new group to accompany him, Vento makes a compelling comeback.

The upcoming single, christened “Love, Lust & Wreckage,” holds the honor of being a title track of Vento’s 2019 album. Adding to the anticipation, it is also the debut single of his newly formed group, Vento, Ziggy, Hawk & McCarthy, to be released on November 30th, 2023.

In the halcyon days of his remarkable career, Vento’s inimitable stage presence combined with raw vocal prowess propelled The Nied Hotel’s Band to significant success. His solo releases tenderly showcased the nuanced versatility of his musicianship, charting a unique trajectory in the rock landscape. In his latest endeavor, Vento collaborates with producer David Granati, once again tapping into the responsive chemistry that has birthed formerly dazzling works.

“Love, Lust & Wreckage” deviates from Vento’s rock roots, instead constructing a stripped-down, traditional country track. A testament to the group’s cohesive synergy, the latest song features contributions from all four members. It was penned by Shane McLaughlin and Bob “Ziggy” Zigerelli. Vento charms with his vocals, while Ziggy’s acoustic guitar resonates with heartfelt emotion. Cherylann Hawk’s sandblock rhythm and vocals blend seamlessly with Kevin McCarthy’s mandolin and vocals, creating a distinctive warmth that characterizes this engaging track.

In a statement, John Vento spoke about the formation of this new collaborative, sharing, “We’ve all worked together for years, primarily in the studio, and just decided to formalize the group this past August, as a performing band.” His words hint at the strong foundation of camaraderie and mutual respect upon which Vento, Ziggy, Hawk & McCarthy is built. This, in turn, translates to enchanting melodies that leave a lasting impression.

The group’s intentional approach to music is evident in the raw authenticity and pure emotional draw of “Love, Lust & Wreckage.” It proves once again why Vento remains a central figure in the music scene, pushing boundaries, constantly exploring new genres and creative possibilities. The blend of seasoned experience and innovative thinking echo throughout the track, making it a must-listen for long-time fans and new audiences alike.

The formation of Vento, Ziggy, Hawk & McCarthy and the announcement of “Love, Lust, & Wreckage” indicate exciting times for Vento and his band. The four accomplished artists, each bringing their unique musical sensibility to this collaboration, promise to make waves in the world of traditional country music. In this new chapter of his already storied career, Vento is poised to continue influencing and inspiring with his musical versatility, and “Love, Lust & Wreckage” is just the beginning.

Stay connected with Vento, Ziggy, Hawk & McCarthy and learn more about their upcoming releases at their official website Be the first to hear their new single, “Love, Lust & Wreckage” and join them on their trailblazing hearts-and-minds tour of traditional country music. The journey promises to be as captivating and resonant as the group’s inaugural single, embodying their collective ethos of pushing musical boundaries while staying rooted in authenticity.

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