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The Resonating Voice of Luca Sormani, An Opera Star’s Journey at 30

Former opera singer and worship director Luca Sormani turns 30. 

Celebrating his 30th birthday this year is Luca Sormani, a former opera singer and worship director, whose commanding voice once held many spellbound across venues, theaters, and churches throughout the United States. His powerful baritone, coupled with an inherent musical talent, has seen him through an illustrious career. Now, as he stands at a significant milestone, the desire to re-embrace his music career lingers in the air. 

Luca’s journey began in Parma, Italy. His childhood was spent under the warm sun of Peru, only to relocate to Los Angeles at the tender age of twelve. This move marked the beginning of an incredible journey of musical discovery, nurtured by his high school choir teacher, Joy Devlin. 


Upon recognizing the young Luca’s potential, Devlin took him under her wing, training his baritone voice and guiding him through performances at city festivals. His talent soon garnered wider attention when he auditioned for the National Episcopal Opera Competition, winning his first award in 2009. 

The following years were marked by an increasing public demand for Luca’s performances. At 18, his pastors presented him to the congregation, where his melodic voice captured the hearts of many. This led to a decade-long journey, touring churches and evangelical crusades across the United States. However, in 2019, Luca made an unexpected decision to step down from directing the Evangelical movement, the reasons for which remain undisclosed.

The same year presented Luca with a new direction in the form of Maxwell David, a renowned vocal coach and artist manager. Recognizing the value of Luca’s talent, David began steering his career onto a new path, introducing him to social media and thereby connecting him with a wider audience. 


The year 2021 marked the release of Luca’s debut single “Lovers and Sinners,” which quickly endeared itself to his fans. However, his musical journey took a pause shortly after when he encountered Joseph Ramani, a notable figure in real estate. At present, Luca serves as the Designing and Operations Director for Ramani’s company. 

As he turns 30, Luca finds himself distanced from his musical calling and the stages that once resonated with his voice. Yet, there are whispers suggesting that Sormani harbors a desire to return to his musical roots and once again share his talent with the world. 

Luca Sormani’s path, from being an opera singer and worship director to a real estate professional, is a testament to the versatility of his talents. As he stands on the cusp of his 30th birthday, the echoes of his captivating voice still linger in the memory of his audience. The music world awaits with bated breath to see if this multi-talented individual will once again grace the stage and continue to inspire with his music. Regardless of his decision, Sormani’s journey remains an embodiment of passion, talent, and resilience, leaving an indelible mark on those who have witnessed his performances.

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