Aierion Fisher Is A Pure Unadulterated Artist Who Spills Her Heart and Soul Through Her Music

Pure and genuine art is hard to find these days. Musical artists, in general, have become all too caught up in the trivialities of life that they can’t express their genuine souls through their artistry. Fortunately, Aierion Fisher is an artist who doesn’t compromise on her artistic vision no matter what. “I just want to be an advocate for others like me coming from nothing, no mom or dad there for me. 

“Everything has been a struggle and people walking out on me in life,” says Aierion. “I had to trust God, and I’ve seen that he had to break me before being able to make me,” she adds. Aierion Fisher is a genuine artist through and through. She channels her genuine personality through her music and invites her audience to partake in the energies that she exudes.

Aierion Fisher feels the light of God’s love as it shines so brightly in her life. “It portrays having to let go of what no longer serves me and welcomes in a new chapter of my life,” explains Aierion. She is an all-around artist who expresses herself through her music and her beautiful lyricism. She lets other people relate to herself and her music as she has been through a lot of things in her lifetime.

Her song “100” is a song that empowers her listeners to keep it one hundred percent no matter what. The song embodies her true personality and who she is as an artist. The song is doused with sick beats, lush production, and powerful lyricism. The single is a testament to Aierion’s craft and what she truly stands for as an artist. 

Aierion Fisher’s art targets everyone who relates to what she has been through. Her music embodies an all-encompassing genre that relates to all ages, races, and ethnicities. What truly separates her from the rest of the music industry is her pure heart and her genuine way of doing things. “When you speak to me and or come across me, I will give you the real and only the real for any situation you are going through,” says Aierion.

Motivated entirely by her surroundings, Aierion Fisher looked all around her and realized that there were physical things that no longer served her purpose. She knew deep in her soul that she had to get rid of these things and do something better for herself and her own life so that things would suit her situation. She then took it upon herself to help other people who are faced with the same circumstances as she continues to inspire them through her music.

In the near future, she sees pure success with her music career. “Many will understand my vision and my message on all levels, and I hope to inspire millions in the works which are just like me,” says Aierion Fisher. “I want my audience to know that no matter their circumstances or the people around them who constantly criticize or put them down, or make it seem as if they are nothing, that they are something and if you believe in your soul and heart and mind and spirit, anything is possible,” she eloquently adds. 

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