House Propped up to Take on the Hip-hop Music World from the Underground

Talents have for years found ways to rise from the underground scenes to become mainstream successes, and in the Hip-hop world, there is no shortage of talents working hard to break out of the mold. Steven J. Gray, also known as House, is leveraging his talent to give some coverage to the new sound he has developed.

The Southern California native has captured the attention of key players in the industry, showing that he has what it takes to become the next big thing in Hip-hop music. He has been acknowledged by The DJ Grid and Hot 94.7 while also steadily building a presence online and offline. 

House stands out with his sound, which is new, refreshing and authentic. Also, coming from the same state as Nipsey Hussle, E-40, DJ Quick, and Iamsu lends credence to the level of quality he has to offer. House is committed to getting his hometown on the map by delivering excellent music and a high level of professionalism in all his dealings. Already, he has shown exceptional quality in his music delivery and has done everything possible to stand out in a cutthroat scene. 

House’s music is enthralling because of his storytelling ability, which explores his past experiences and how he highlights them artistically. He connects with his audiences on a personal level and evokes strong emotions through his music. His goal is to become one of the biggest rappers in the United States, regularly dropping street and club anthems. His next album House Party is slated for release on March 16 on all digital platforms.

Steven J. Gray is the founder of 123 Big House Music Inc. and a member of Rap Affiliated Posse,  founded by Big Profit. His journey into music began with him creating beats and writing lyrics primarily inspired by Eminem’s entrance into the rap scene in the late 90s. He drew influence from Eminem’s relentless approach to the music world, which made him the storytelling rapper he is today. Having spent years honing his skills, style and sound, House is now working hard to create music that sticks and inspires his listeners. One of his well-loved songs, “Break Me,” talks about dealing with spiteful individuals, while another of his songs, “Bitter,” addresses what a person endures in a one-sided relationship. His music is relatable, and that fact has been the attractive factor that has made his audiences stick with his music. His anthemic delivery is a direct reflection of the things they experience in their daily lives.

House hopes to build a better life through music and create a secure future for his upcoming generation. He looks forward to achieving immense success in the mainstream music industry and opening his restaurant and franchise to uplift people. “Homelessness and starvation are things I experienced growing up, and I don’t think people should really be going through that. So with my food business in the future, I hope to feed as many people in neighborhoods as possible and eradicate starvation in young children and adults. Getting rich and famous is my only strategy, and with music, it’s becoming more possible by the day,” House revealed.

He believes his music journey is a spiritual calling, and heeding that call will deliver impact to Las Vegas, the West Coast, New York and the East Coast.

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