Messiah Brown: Art That Opens a World of Revelation

1/10/2020 “Shattered Ploy” 16×20 by Messiah Brown

From time to time, the art world welcomes an artist who opens a whole new realm of revelatory truth. In recent times, a new artist has risen above the crowd and established a strong presence and identity in oil painting and other forms of media. His name is Messiah Brown, who hails from Brooklyn, New York, and offers a fresh take to modern art. 

Messiah is an emerging artist whose passion for the arts is contagious and evident. What he loves most is the opportunity to express his feelings, thoughts, and musings through different forms and ways. Messiah began his creative journey as an actor but would eventually collide with a love for oil painting, which would become his primary medium of choice. As his art evolved, he would increase his collection of pieces that provided depth and realizations to viewers and collectors all over the nation. 

While learning visual arts, primarily on his own accord, Messiah would realize that art would become a significant portion of his life. It would overtake his acting and bring his life into a new trajectory. Today, his art is featured in many parts of New York City and various digital platforms. His artwork entitled “Liberty in the Stars” recently appeared on the May 2021 issue of Beyond Words, a literary magazine with a significant following and a robust virtual presence among poetry and creative painting circles. 

What sets Messiah Brown’s art apart is the raw authenticity it carries. As a person, the artist loves authenticity, especially when it isn’t forced or manipulated. He explains that it’s the only way to value truth in life. On many occasions, art would be more than a passion or hobby for Messiah as it provided a redemptive effect on his life. “Art has saved me from several downfalls and contradictions from outside influences,” shares Messiah. “I will continue to prosper in my journey as an artist.” 

Most of Messiah Brown’s recent artworks have been focused on the sexual expression of a queer perspective. His art shows the feminine figure, and he paints them in a surreal nature to signify the out-of-body revelatory work that sexuality does to a person. He also incorporates a lot of fashion into his art as he draws inspiration from the varying styles from different eras. Messiah enjoys diving into history to draw out and revive the beauty of art from the past. “I like a novelty with a little tradition,” he explains. “I’m also into incorporating heightened awareness in some pieces with the third eye. My art is to relieve the world of negative energy and not bring pain. So my goal is only to create beauty even if you see a monster on the surface.”

Messiah Brown is also a firm believer in the law of attraction and lives by the creed. He seeks autonomy and destiny as he desires to gain more liberty through his creative journey. The artist doesn’t shy away from risk as he continues to step out of his creative boundaries to try new things. He allows his dreams to form his art as he constantly records, breaks down, and decodes them into creative expressions. While pursuing art isn’t always as easy as he wants it to be, Messiah continues to persevere and works hard to develop more transformative art for others to enjoy. Follow his work by checking out his Instagram account.

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