Moving Forward with Passion, The Story of Crowd Controlol

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” – Oprah Winfrey

Rightfully quoted by Winfrey, passion is that one thing that makes one step out of their comfort zone and makes them put their best foot forward. It makes one do wonders and helps one achieve the goals that they have set for themselves. One such story is of Crowd Controlol, a man who did not let anything or anyone come in the way of becoming a top music producer. His smooth and interesting story of reaching heights is inspirational for all those aiming to enter the world of music.

Getting into the music industry is not an easy task. Thousands of people daily shoot their shots to have a chance in the music industry but fail to do so. Fortunately, Crowd Controlol has managed to do that with his consistent hard work. His relation with music goes back to when he was a child; he says in an interview, “My journey began with a violin at the age of 5 through a Japanese training philosophy called Suzuki. This method enforces the idea that musical ability is not an inborn talent but an ability that can be learned by anyone. Just as children learn their mother tongue, they can learn the ability to communicate with an instrument. It was by no means easy and took perseverance. But somewhere around ten years into training, I developed that ability to play any melody in my head.  I still play often, as this background is obviously a large contributor to my music-making process.

Crowd Controlol debuted in 2011 with his EP Lolwut, which turned out to be a big number as he was just a beginner. Having his first professional debut received, such a great response was overwhelming and, at the same, boosted his confidence. Crowd Controlol was motivated to produce more great music. His genre is the finer minimal and tech elements of electronic music, which is usually categorized as dance music and requires a refined taste and understanding to be created. His epic musical mixes and dance numbers garnered attention from artists worldwide. During his early phase, his debut music was played by top performers such as Stefano Noferini and Nicole Moudaber. His DJ sets were unique and magical that put people in a trance and often made the audience chant “One More Track“!

Crowd Controlol’s back-to-back releases and hits were proof that he was here to stay and rule. Just a few years in the industry, and he had already had his music on record labels such as Draft LTD, Baile Musik White, Innocent Music, Beatdown Music, Ritmik Records, Patent Skillz, and SK Supreme Records. During his time in Miami, the young talent played his magic at a bimonthly party known as “One Night in Miami” at Club Space and had become a popular name in that region. The reason his music stood out from the rest is that he loved experimenting and taking unconventional soundscapes. He drives his inspiration from classical and ambient music and fuses them into a cinematic type of electronic music.

Talent paved the way for Crowd Controlol. His ever-growing fondness for music and love for electronic dance mixes has kept him going and made him produce the best. Ever since he began, he has toured a ton of places and played his tunes in almost all cities of Europe, Ibiza, the party capital, being his favorite. He joined forces with Richie Hawtin and the ENTER and worked a total of three seasons with ENTER in Ibiza. His relationship with ENTER bloomed, and it went beyond work, which ended up landing him an invitation at CNTRL 2.0 tour, an educational initiative that sprung throughout college campuses in North America. Here, Crowd Controlol had the opportunity to play with popular artists such as Chris Liebing, Dubfire, Matador, Victor Calderone, and many more.  Over the years, his experience to develop new tracks and play with different personalities has groomed his personality and made him a mentor and senior profile for many. He is a committed and focused individual who does not compromise when it comes to working and always believes in creating something out-of-the-box. He is always hustling and trying to create a tune for his fans. He says in an interview, “My last release was a collaborative EP with Ukulore incoming on one of my favorite minimal labels, Whoyostro. They’re based in Ukraine. I’ve been downloading and playing tracks from them for a while, so it’s exciting to be released on their imprint. The EP is titled “Fantasies,” as each track explores a different interpretation of a classic fantasy concept with some enchanting vocals from Lorena. Yes, it is house and techno music! I believe it’s some of my best work, and I can’t wait to share it. There is a remixer on board that we’re really excited about.”

We wish Crowd Controlol all the best for his latest release and hope it is as good as the previous ones!


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