365 Live Mounts a Music Experience to Signify the Return of Events Post COVID-19

Vaccines are well underway, and things are slowly coming back to normal. Schools are coming back, sporting events are returning, and travel is slowly returning to regular programming. Moreover, music and entertainment events are also starting to see the light of day, and 365 Live wanted to make that evident after launching a multi-day music extravaganza in Miami, Florida, to give people a party and music celebration that has been absent on people’s radars for more than a year. 

365 Live created a two-day experience that put together some of the biggest names in party and music, including French Montana, MoneyBagg Yo, Est Gee, CJ, Major Nine, Chinese Kitty, Bizzy Crook, and Yung Reece, to name a few. The event lasted from September 4 and 5 and saw over 3,000 guests in attendance, making it one of the biggest music gatherings since the return of events after the pandemic. 

After the concert, 365 Live put together an after-party at Vendome Nightclub, featuring MoneyBagg Yo and Est Gee. Hundreds of people packed the club as the extension event poured well into the night. The next day, Sunday, the show continued in the new Oasis in Wynwood, with Yes Juelz bringing a crowd of 2,000 to its feet for the second evening of music, entertainment, and more. The City Girls, Trey Songz, Shenseea, Chinese Kitty, and Mariah Angeliq added to the festivities with performances of their own. Sunday night would feature another after-party, this time with French Montana bringing the house down for the second night in a row.

Most people will remember how many people in music, events, and party scenes had lost bearing during the coronavirus crisis of 2020 and a little well into 2021. Events were canceled or ill-attended in fears of virus infections. But as vaccine rollouts improve, people are more than ready to gain some sense of normalcy. Leading that charge is companies like 365 Live.

A group leads the music and events company bent towards delivering one-of-a-kind entertainment experiences with people clamoring for more. It has been behind some of the most significant events people know of since 2015 and looks to make a strong comeback. Its Miami event at the start of September is one way they’re doing that. 

“Our mission is to expand as fast as possible and globally to get you all the types of events you are into no matter where you are,” explains 365 Live. Along with all its big events, the company is also looking to relaunch a revamped version of its events directory website that will give people access to the country’s hottest music, party, and entertainment events as it looks to re-introduce its platform and events in general to the United States and beyond, 365 Live hopes to do so with stellar fashion and in a way that will make a difference industry-wide. 

365 Live’s Florida celebrations also gave people a chance to give back to those in need by partnering with The Jack Brewer Foundation to pour funds into rehabilitation efforts in the nation of Haiti. 

Learn more about 365 Live by checking out its website, Instagram profile, Facebook page, and Twitter account.

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