Alex Righetto’s artistic career is booming.

Introducing Alex Righetto, a genius artist who is disrupting the art scene.

Originally from Verona, Italy, trained at the fine arts academy, and currently working in the United States, Alex’s career quickly ascended to the top. 

Despite only being active for two years, Alex Righetto has already achieved significant milestones in his art career and shows no signs of slowing down.This artist has made a splash at Art Basel Miami for two consecutive years, wowing audiences with his captivating work. In addition to this impressive feat, he has also established a permanent gallery at Priano, a prestigious design center in Tampa.

His work has not gone unnoticed by significant publications either. He has been featured in notable outlets such as Vanity Fair and Vogue, solidifying his status as an artist to watch.

In April, his artwork will be showcased in the bustling Times Square in New York, offering a prime opportunity for even more people to experience their unique perspective. Additionally, thanks to THE HOUSE gallery, this artist will have the chance to exhibit his work in Miami, further cementing his place in the art world.

All of these accomplishments are a testament to the artist’s exceptional talent and dedication to his craft. With such remarkable achievements under his belt, there’s no doubt that this artist will continue to make waves in the art world for years to come.

What makes this artist unique? 

Undoubtedly, his brushstrokes and artworks are unique, but what truly sets him apart is his storytelling.

Have you ever visited a museum and struggled to understand the artist’s intention behind their work? Alex seeks to change that. He views his paintings and collections as narratives, creating a storyboard where each piece represents a chapter. 

This fresh approach transforms his art into an interactive experience, allowing viewers to engage with the story.


Why do you need to know him?

If you have a passion for art and culture, you cannot overlook this exceptional artist.

One of his earlier collections reimagines the famous love story, Romeo and Juliet. Rather than simply retelling the tale, the artist has ingeniously used it as a metaphor to explore the personal transformations required to sustain a relationship. What if people need to conquer their darkness to find true love?

Thousands of people have experienced this collection and described it as a “must-see” and “unique” opportunity. Lucky visitors have even had the chance to take personal tours with the artist himself.

With its growing popularity, this collection is quickly becoming a cultural phenomenon you don’t want to miss. So be amongst the first to witness this rising star and proudly say, “I saw it coming.”

Alex is an artist who takes great pride in his Italian heritage and aims to showcase it through his work.

Alex creates a bridge between the past and the present through his art by taking inspiration from Italian historical events, figures, and cultural elements. He then gives them new life through his unique artistic lens, breathing fresh vitality into the subjects and highlighting their significance.

For example, the Mona Lisa’s daughter was created as this fictional character in a painting.

This painting is famous as the Mona Lisa and is currently exhibited at the Louvre.
This is one of the paintings showcased in Times Square, thanks to The East Village Artist Collection (EVAC).

Are you interested in staying up-to-date with this rising star’s latest exhibitions and artwork? 

If so, consider following him on social media (instagram:@alex.ghetto) Twitter, Facebook or subscribing to his newsletter.

By doing so, you’ll be the first to know when his next exhibition is happening, allowing you to experience his incredible artwork firsthand. Plus, as this artist’s popularity continues to soar, some of his pieces have already seen an increase in value, making it a wise investment opportunity for those interested in art collecting. 

About Alex Righetto

Alex Righetto is an Italian artist who currently resides in the United States. He received his formal training in fine arts from Gianbettino Cignaroli academy in Verona, Italy, in 2003. Apart from being a skilled painter, Alex is also a professional photographer and has extensive experience as a marketer.

Alex’s artistic style is characterized by a unique perspective and imagination, which he expresses through his vibrant color palettes, dynamic brushwork, and bold compositions. His paintings represent emotionally charged narratives that often draw inspiration from his Italian heritage, which he showcases through his figurative art and portraiture.

In his work, Alex reinterprets elements from Italian and European history in a contemporary context, weaving them into individual chapters of a larger narrative. His captivating pieces have been featured in prestigious publications such as Vanity Fair, House and Garden, and Vogue, as well as numerous exhibitions.

Alex showcased his work at the renowned Miami Art Basel in 2021 and 2022. In March 2022, he was selected as a resident artist at the state-of-the-art design facility Priano in Tampa, FL.

Today, he devotes himself full-time to his passion for painting, creating visually stunning and thought-provoking pieces.

Catherine Barnstone Szafran – Keeping the Legacy of Her Father Alive

What does the exceptional person do when they receive a tremendous gift – one that delights, challenges, illuminates, and inspires, not just in the moment but across countless years? 

How about sharing that gift – with as many people as possible? 

That’s the goal of Cat Barnstone, daughter of master artist Myron Barnstone. When it comes to her father’s artistic legacy – both his artworks and his remarkably innovative teaching method that has produced thousands of notable alumni working in architecture, photography, automotive design, set design, theatrical costume and makeup, as well as the more traditional fine arts – Cat Barnstone is passionate about sharing Myron Barnstone’s groundbreaking art, as well as his unique approach to classical art education.

When you consider the beleaguered state of art appreciation and art education today, nothing could be more important. Art has a tremendous impact on human civilization – reflecting and changing people’s attitudes, instilling values, and translating experiences across space and time. It’s no secret that art can have a profound and lasting impact on the lives of individuals, societies, and entire cultures. Held as the penultimate achievement of a culture, art appeals through all the senses directly to the emotions, and can have a profound and lasting impact on us all.

Truly appreciating art and its meaning and significance, and being able to express oneself artistically is essential. In study after study, the artistic endeavor is far from a superfluous or optional: art appreciation and understanding unleashes creativity, increases the quality and speed of conceptual and technical skills mastery, increases personal enjoyment and satisfaction, and has a measurable positive impact on physical and psychological well-being. 

Myron Barnstone understood this essential importance of art appreciation and artistic expression. He fiercely believed that every person was capable of expressing themselves artistically. Innate talent, he argued, is far from required to learn to express oneself artistically. For more than 35 years Myron taught that with diligence, practice and dedication, every person could learn to draw very well. 

In fact, so passionately did he believe in this concept, Barnstone hid his own art away from view for more than 50 years, so that his own work would not sway or influence the unique expression of his students. This renowned and celebrated collection of artwork was only to be re-discovered by his daughter after Myron’s passing. It is this tremendous gift, and the gift of his system of art education, the Barnstone Method, that she now shares so widely.

Born on February 20, 1933, Myron Barnstone was an American modernist artist, painter, and master art teacher. After formal art education that included the New England School of Art in Boston and the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Arts at the University of Oxford in England, Barnstone traveled throughout Europe, studying the works of the masters, showing his work, gaining accolades, awards and recognition, and finding his own unique artistic voice. He was perhaps best known for his work featuring the compositional system of “dynamic symmetry,” a phrase coined by Jay Hambidge, which is also referred to as the Golden Section, the Golden Ratio and/or the Golden Mean. Related to the mathematical principle known as the Fibonacci sequence, this technique was used by classical artists and designers to create geometrical compositions that emanated a balance of natural perfection. In fact, once understood, one can see examples of this ratio in nature and in the works of master artists across thousands of years. Myron Barnstone not only mastered this technique, he incorporated dynamic symmetry into his teachings as well.

In 1976, Myron Barnstone returned with his family to the United States. Upon his return, he began teaching throughout the following decades at various schools, including the Baum School, Moravian College, and Lehigh University in the 1990s. Barnstone opened his own art school in the 1977, The Barnstone Studios, in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, and provided classical, foundational art education there for over thirty-five years. 

The excellence of traditional drawing and design systems, which were required for training any student of classic design, was at the heart of his teaching. These systems foster both representational and abstract artists’ visual literacy. His teaching methods attracted people from states as far away as Hawaii and California, and many from abroad. Students from all across the world learned the Barnstone Method and secured a bright future for themselves. 

Barnstone passed away on October 29, 2016, in Frederick, Maryland, U.S. at the age of 83, but his legacy lives on through the continuing endeavors of his daughter: Catherine Barnstone Szafran, a well-known photographer in her own right who benefited in her photographic skills from her father’s training, had for many years assisted Myron in running his art education business. She took over as Director of Barnstone Studios upon his death. It was Catherine (“Cat”) who subsequently rediscovered the Myron Barnstone paintings and drawings that were kept hidden for decades: unlocking the crates that her father had sealed half a century before, she found nearly 700 of her father’s works in total, ranging from pen and ink to acrylics, gouaches, and oil paintings as tall as seven feet. She immediately began plans to share her father’s work with the public.

For the first time in 50 years, Barnstone’s work was featured in a show – first in New York entitled, “A Celebration of Joy: Myron Barnstone’s Hidden Art,” at the Usagi Gallery. In addition, Cat arranged for Myron’s works to also be shown in a solo exhibition, “Emotions: How Art Awakens the Soul,” which opened at The Artist Angle Gallery in Frederick. Cat continues to bring Myron’s one-of-a-kind, vividly surreal pieces back into the public eye, including plans to showcase his series, “The Survivors,” in conjunction with American and international Holocaust museums and peace institutes, plus a series of live and online presentations for aspiring artists. Catherine is now offering select Myron Barnstone prints and original works to fund an initiative to carry on his legacy through additional Barnstone Method learning programs and art education scholarships.

Catherine Barnstone Szafran states that she wants artists to have access to her father’s teachings in the future. She has ensured his original course recordings are available on the Barnstone Studios website, and has recruited Barnstone alumni artists from all over the country to serve as master guides in the program.

“His approach to art education is different from what is popular today,” Cat explains. “In many ways, today’s approach emphasizes immediate access and imitating a particular teacher’s style rather than fundamental skills mastery. Myron believed there could be no unique voice, no true individual creativity until you learned the language, the fundamental underlying artistic skillset. He didn’t want to influence his students or have them emulate his style – in fact, that was not his intention at all. He desired that they find their own voice.”

Catherine Barnstone, says that she intends to honor his lifelong commitment to art appreciation and classical art education, encouraging creativity and skills mastery through sharing Myron Barnstone’s art and expanding his Barnstone Method art education for as long as she is able. “I feel his presence here,” she said as she walked around the gallery filled with his father’s work, “and I know he’s content.” 

Szafran’s love for her father has sustained her throughout these years, helping her as she continues to find perfect-fit opportunities to share the artistic legacy of Myron Barnstone. Sustaining and expanding his Barnstone Method art educational program, and sharing the unexpected gift of the long-hidden masterpieces of Myron Barnstone are indeed the perfect ways to keep Myron Barnstone’s legacy alive. 

Josh Valjan Extolling His Love for Art and Encouraging Other Artists to Keep Creating

Art has been a store of value for centuries, and many artists use their art to communicate, express their feelings, and pass important messages across. Josh Valjan (Val-yawn) is not an exception, as he has made art an integral part of his life while focused on building a notable brand and valuable collection that people will be proud to own.

Josh Valjan started drawing and painting in high school. For the past fifteen years, he has honed his skills, learned new techniques, and created new projects. As an artist, Josh Valjan finds painting therapeutic and fun and makes sure he completes every project he starts satisfactorily. All his paintings and artworks are made with intention as his goal is to communicate a message and feeling to his audience. He creates art with the expectation that when people see his work, they fall in love and want to own the piece.

With his experience over the years, Josh Valjan’s goal is to build a reputable art brand and be an inspiring figure to other budding artists working hard to gain a firm footing in the art world. He believes that the world needs art and that artists should never stop creating. “If you want to be a successful artist, you must give it your all. In my opinion, the saying “starving artist” is no longer relevant. Most artists have other jobs. They don’t just create art for a living. If they do, they have many clients and are well known in the art community. It is smart not to rely on revenue solely from your artwork sales,” Josh said. “I know my worth and the value of my artwork. I want my buyers to see that value as well. The visual art world can be very competitive. You stand out if you just be yourself. Create the art you want to create. Be unique. Do something different. People don’t want to see something that’s already been done before,” he added.

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community who takes immense pride in who he is, he believes everyone should focus on their goals and remain resilient no matter what they face from people. “I am a gay man, and I am proud of it. Being gay is the essence of who I am. Members of the LGBTQ+ community have it harder. In life, in achieving success, and in the number of opportunities presented to us. We just do. When most of us open up about our sexual orientation, we are shunned by people we thought were our friends and family. I have had a very challenging road to success. I just take one day at a time, always working towards my goals,” Josh Valjan said.

He has his own merchandise company and a private art collection for audiences globally. “My art is for everyone. I have created paintings and drawings for friends and mailed them to them. They would send me pictures of where they hung up the artwork in their home. That’s what I want. I want my clients to hang up my artwork in their homes,” he revealed.

Over the next few years, Josh Valjan’s goal is to continue drawing and painting pieces that will fill up his private art collection. Although he has an online art gallery at the moment, his ultimate goal is to open a brick-and-mortar art gallery that people can visit to view his art. He’s still focused on success and committed to going all out to achieve all his set goals.

Jax Perez on Reaching Great Heights while Embracing His Real Self

Today’s world is one that allows people to be whoever they want to be in any dimension they choose. While acceptance might be slow in some quarters, one key theme that everyone is adopting is that one must accept and embrace oneself fully before seeking validation elsewhere. Ninteen-year-old trans man and freelance illustrator, Jax Perez has spent his whole life being himself and hopes to impact the world strong enough to influence other people to adopt the same approach in their lives.

The talented illustrator, passionate about art, animation, and acting, is a big proponent of self-expression and fully embracing one’s essence. Thus, he has channeled his creativity in a way that has enabled him to build a community based on love, comfort, and understanding. He embodies the idea that nobody should be ashamed of doing what they love or what brings them comfort, no matter how many people find it strange. He inspires the creative community and helps people create and express themselves in the most authentic ways possible.

As someone from a challenging background, he understands what it means to have real-life pursuit, so he never allows anything to get in the way of things he enjoys. His deep love for animation and storytelling has deeply influenced his art style, and he never holds back when it comes to showcasing and talking about them.

He also holds his clients in high esteem and makes sure they receive high-quality customer service, clear communication, prompt delivery, and a great deal of respect that assures them that they’re working with a true professional.

Through his brand, Crown Jevvel, Jax Perez creates colorful art illustrations of animated characters. He has his entire portfolio on his website as well as his social media pages on Instagram and Twitter. He hopes to connect with as many people as possible who appreciate art or love to create it while inspiring other young artists to never stop creating.

He sees himself working with big brands, storytellers, and film and animation studios over the next few years. His passion for his work keeps him going while he nurses the hope that he will one day change the situation of his family. “I work hard at the moment, but we’re yet to get there. I have a whole lot of people who look up to me, and I believe the next few years of success can do a lot for them,” Perez said.With success on the horizon, Jax Perez has no plans to slow down or stop creating. He believes that by continuously creating, someone will notice and appreciate his work someday. “Even if it’s one person, just one email can change your life and take you to heights you never imagined,” he said. “You can never tell when but you better stay prepared for that day because it will come. It’s why I never stop working, and I always advise every young artist to keep doing the same and putting their works out,” he added.

Joseph Yonke: A Promising Young Painter in the Art Scene

With many young individuals trying to find a direction to take in life, Joseph Yonke serves as excellent inspiration for others through his remarkable enterprise—Joseph Yonke Art.

Having honed the craft his whole life, the artist is now recognized as a significantly promising individual in the industry. His grandfather, Robert Yonke, who is also an artist, is responsible for introducing Yonke to painting at a young age.

Since then, his career in the arts has massively grown and has become a significant part of his life. Because of his early exposure to art, the talented creator has developed a distinct and signature style. Yonke’s work features heavy layers of oil and acrylic paint with abstract and saturated designs.

As a testament to his artistic prowess, Joseph Yonke has become a commercial success. Within just a year after he decided to invest more time in his art career, he had already completed around 40 paintings, and his pieces can be found throughout the country. He also had his first solo art show in October 2021, located in Pittsburgh, which was a highly successful event. On top of that, the artist was recently invited to an exhibition located in Venice, Italy.

He explained, “The style that I have developed differentiates me from the rest, and each hour I dedicate to my craft, the more this is true. My early and major influences are Willem de Kooning and Pablo Picasso, and people say I try to paint like them, but in all seriousness, I don’t have those intentions and believe that my work is simply a Yonke.”

Aside from his undeniable talent, his impeccable work ethic helped the gifted painter grow his success exponentially. He has shown exceptional commitment to consistently improving his skills and abilities.

The painter went on to share, “Good art definitely resonates with people, regardless of the medium or how abstract it may be. Of course, some of my work is not as strong as my best, but that is just a part of being an artist. Regardless, my work is getting noticed.”

Moving forward, Joseph Yonke plans to focus his efforts on becoming a more established artist with a robust collector base. He also intends to scale his brand to the global scene. Additionally, he aims to continue creating his original art that connects with audiences in various ways. 

Above all, he hopes that his thriving career will help motivate his fellow young minds to find their passion and pursue a career that they care about, as it will help make the journey and sacrifices well worth it.

James Tralie on Understanding the World Through Art and Science

Humans are curious by nature and often take great lengths in order to pursue answers and gain a deeper understanding of anything that piques their interest and fascination. Some interests turn into hobbies, while others manifest into a passion. The latter holds true for James Tralie.

Growing up, James has always been interested in space and astronomy. Seeing the rings of Saturn through the viewfinder of his dad’s telescope kindled the spark of thoughts he had for humanity’s place in the solar system. And thus, started James’ more profound need to understand and experience the science behind the cosmos.

His love for science came hand in hand with his love for art. When he got his first camera, James became infatuated with astrophotography, specifically capturing the Milky Way looming above the surrounding landscape.

James studied and graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts in Geosciences. He worked hard to incorporate art into every project during his undergraduate research, including learning 3D and using it to map out the origins of tropical cyclones in the East Pacific. Combining his love for film and animation with his educational background in the field of science, James was able to develop multiple productions for freelance projects.

Now a Planetary Science Producer and Animator at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, James has mastered relaying complex scientific discoveries and missions to the public through engaging content. He works directly with scientists and engineers to explain the results of research and missions. His projects include producing and directing documentaries, animations, visualizations, and augmented reality (AR) content to promote planetary science missions. James has had the chance to work on anything—from a 360 video that places the viewer on the surface of an asteroid, to a comic book-style animation about the ionosphere of Mars.

In the midst of the pandemic and during the quarantine, James got into creating 3D environmental renders. Missing hiking outdoors and wanting to bring a piece of it indoors spawned his “Great Indoors” series, a collection of photographs that expresses his feelings of being trapped and longing for the ability to explore nature outside. The project is the reimagination of James’ favorite destinations pushing the boundaries of abstract interior spaces.

At the core of James’ works is the commitment to design relaxing spaces that transport viewers to a meditative, calming world. And in the hopes of imparting his technical ability and creativity, he also teaches the ins and outs of photorealistic lighting design in 3D renders through video tutorials that can be viewed in his YouTube account. Through this project, James explains how to block a scene out and sculpt the terrain through using a 3D software to evoke a sense of realism. The realism is influenced by several factors, including texturing, lighting, and randomness, to move the render away from looking too “perfect.”

Over the years, a number of James’ works, including films, documentaries, music videos, dramas, and animations, have been selected by international film festivals for screenings and awards. These accomplishments are a testament to his talent and continuous passion for his craft.Learn more about James Tralie and view his works by visiting his website. You can also check out his Instagram and YouTube accounts.

Grizzye Art Gallery: Bringing Art to Life with Deft Paint Strokes

Since time immemorial, the uniqueness and vividness of art have been well-celebrated worldwide and often the center of creative pursuits. In each brushstroke, most artworks would frequently tell glorious stories of ancient history, the present, or bring to life the artist’s vivid imagination, the sharp contrast of colors and lines infusing the artist’s essence into each art piece. As a result of how magnificent artworks serve as a continual reminder of the beauty surrounding us, some exceptional creatives go over and beyond to maintain art’s grandeur. One such person is Daniel Beule, a modern-day graffiti artist, photographer and founder of  Grizzye Art Gallery.

As a high school student, Daniel Beule was interested in art and photography and worked hard to bring his imaginations to life in drawings, doodles, and colors. His deep love for art carried over to college, where, as a freshman, he would spend most nights out painting graffiti. His undying passion and dedication to the arts eventually gave birth to his brainchild, the Grizzye Art Gallery.

The Grizzye Art Gallery is an independent brand emerging from the collector shoe culture and streetwear photography. More than a brand, Grizzye represents an idea that initially.

originated over the years from art and included other themes like science and sports. Each collection from the brand contains abstracts of three-eyed monsters and cartoon masterpieces deeply influenced by movies, comics, music, arts and fashion collectibles. 

Grizzye art is for everyone who loves and appreciates unique artworks. It is for the people who feel misunderstood and want to express themselves and collectors of artwork looking to add original work to their collection. When it comes to being unique, Grizzye reserves a particular spot for itself. 

One of the brand’s most unique attributes is its distinctive detailing and continual evolution as a

peculiar brand. The art from the brand captivates its audience, its sheer magnificence and vivid use of colors revealing just enough to draw attention yet hiding secrets that are invisible until closely examined, adding to its allure. 

Grizzye aims to bring a more realistic approach to a transient world as a brand, capturing authenticity in an artwork. In less than a year, the brand will open its first in-house art gallery where individuals or remote collectors can purchase original Grizzye art. Each painting can be customized with specific characteristics according to the demands of a purchasing customer.

As the creative director of Grizzye, Daniel draws his inspiration from other creatives such as artists, authors, and directors as he continues to deepen his knowledge of the arts. Daniel Beule hopes that his brand will remain a household name for authenticity and creativity in the coming years. With an impressive eye for art, Daniel is bound to climb the ladder to mastery and victory effortlessly in the realms of art, photography, and graffiti. 

To know more about Daniel Beule and the Grizzye Art Gallery, you may visit his official website and Instagram page.