San Diego Singer-Songwriter Julie Ann Weiler on Why It’s Never Too Late to Pursue Your Dreams

Julie Ann Weiler is a San Diego-based singer-songwriter who has a message of hope that the calling of our dreams will never die. She believes that though life circumstances or our personal choices may cause our dreams to get buried or hidden, we can revisit them when the timing is right. Her dream is to write songs that will touch hearts and have a positive impact in some way.

Born into a traveling musical missionary family, Julie Ann grew up sharing a motorhome or van with her parents and four siblings. Her father was a songwriter, and she witnessed him randomly waking up in the middle of the night to mumble words and melody into his mini Casio Recorder, which he would later turn into a song. She knew right away that she wanted to follow in his footsteps and began writing songs at the age of 10.

Despite leaving home at 18 and pursuing other paths, Julie Ann never forgot her dream of writing songs that would touch people’s hearts. She pursued a career in the music industry, winning talent competitions, getting songs placed on popular TV shows, and recording an EP in Nashville. As the 2008 recession hit, however, she was faced with the decision to either give her all to her budding music career or to her growing family. She chose the latter and continued to write songs, sing her kids to sleep, and perform whenever and wherever possible, all while building a family business in the special events industry.

It wasn’t until her own daughters began to successfully pursue their own artistry in the form of musical theater that Julie Ann felt an awakening deep within her heart. She recommitted herself to sharing her songs and her story with others. Despite the stigma that in order to be relevant in the music industry, one needs to be under 21 and unattached, Julie Ann did not let that hold her back. She recorded two singles remotely due to the pandemic before joining her friend in Texas to record 12 original songs in 2022.

Julie Ann’s hope is to write and produce songs that will connect with the listener on a personal level and encourage others to pursue their dreams. She believes that remembering your dreams, however deeply they are buried, and letting yourself feel worthy of pursuing them can encourage more self-love. Combined with faith and hard work, pursuing your dreams can lend to those dreams coming true, not always in the way you’d expect, but always in an amazing way that will brighten your life and make you say yes to the next opportunity.

Today, Julie Ann is making music to share her pain and story. Julie Ann’s latest single, “Something Gets Me,” is a moving tribute to a recently passed loved one. The song moves from pain to hope, showcasing Julie Ann’s skillful pop composition, accompanied by a full orchestra. Her hope is to write and produce songs that will connect with the listener on a personal level and encourage others to pursue their dreams, no matter how deeply buried they may be. 

Julie Ann’s journey shows that it is never too late to pursue your dreams. Despite facing challenges and making personal sacrifices, she never gave up on her dream of becoming a songwriter. Her story serves as a reminder that with perseverance, passion, and hard work, it is possible to bring your dreams to life, no matter how deeply buried they may be.

Fans can follow Weiler’s musical journey on her website, as well as on Instagram and Facebook @julieannweilermusic. You may listen to her latest release on Spotify.

Rising Music Icon Moxie Knox’s Impressive Talent and Work Ethic Sets Her on a Remarkable Trajectory for Success

Some say that the most successful people are those who never cease to become better. After all, most industries have become saturated, and one cannot thrive on talent alone. This complex reality is even more apparent in the highly competitive and cutthroat music scene. Given this, one music prodigy is making waves for her impeccable artistry and her admirable work ethic – Moxie Knox.

Born in The Bronx and raised in the boroughs of NYC, the gifted young woman was exposed to the entertainment scene at an early age. She was already performing as a dancer when she was only five years old, appearing in prestigious venues such as Alvin Ailey Studios. As years passed, she continued to hone her dancing prowess and learned several types of dance, including ballet, tap dance, gymnastics, contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, and African dance at the Dance Theater of Harlem, Millennium Dance Company, and Elliott Dance Company.

Over time, her passion for the arts evolved, and she became fascinated with poetry and lyrics, particularly with the impressive wordplay skills of rappers and MCs. Before long, she began composing, writing and recording her songs a capella and singing them to whoever would listen, leaving audiences in awe of her exceptional prowess. Moxie is particular with artists she collaborates with, making sure the songs she produces are well-aligned with her vision and vocals that she records to a metronome.

Aside from that, the incredible musician’s education has been instrumental in shaping her to be a well-rounded individual. She has gone to some of the best schools on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Harlem, and Brooklyn, focusing on math, sciences, and the arts. As a student, not only did she excel in academics as a Calculus tutor, but she also participated in extracurricular activities as an artist and choreographer. 

Since her early days, Moxie has released several hit singles, such as “Thorough” and “One More Time.” Both tracks have been positively received by music enthusiasts and critics alike. In fact, “Thorough” was reposted by the prestigious music site Pigeons & Planes, while “One More Time” reached over 40,000 streams in its first weeks and landed on Audiomack’s Verified R&B playlist.

In 2021, the multi-genre singer/songwriter dropped her debut album, Ride, with ten tracks. The LP was executive produced by Moxie, who recorded and engineered the album in her own studio. She had it mastered by Dan Millice, who has worked with superstars like Kanye West, Nas, ASAP Rocky, and 50 Cent. Furthermore, other high-caliber industry professionals worked on the album, including Grammy award-winning producer and engineer High Octane, multi-platinum engineer Anthony Daniel, and Grammy-nominated multi-instrumentalist and composer Phillip Lewis. Lewis also serves as one of Moxie’s trusted musicians/producers and is currently on tour with Doja Cat. Following the release of the outstanding album, she became the face of Pandora’s Indie R&B playlist.

As a testament to her unrivaled prowess as a singer-songwriter, the artist showcases her rich textured timbre and melodious voice in her songs, unlike most other artists who heavily rely on sonic elements to capture the attention of audiences. Because of her distinct and fresh sound, the songstress has earned the adoration of millions of fans worldwide.

But more than her undeniable talent, what truly makes Moxie stand out is her impressive dedication to learning. Moxie recently completed her studies at the Berg School of Acting as a follow-up to her years of training in the arts. In addition, she has shown an admirable commitment to continuously improving her craft, participating in vocal fitness classes and performance training five days a week while studying music theory and business. 

Her passion for learning also manifests in other ways, such as her love for travel, where she immersed herself in the many places she has visited, like London and Berlin. She even speaks Spanish and was able to communicate with an exchange student she met while in high school.

On top of that, she has made it a priority to educate herself on sound design and the history of music, ultimately honing the skills of audio engineering and vocal production using digital audio workstations such as ProTools, Logic, Reason, Ableton and Maschine. In fact, she wrote the treatments and served as director or co-director for all of her independently released music videos.

Furthermore, the “Thirst For Yours” campaign for Moxie’s “Love Me Right” music video, which premiered on BET Jams, has garnered more than 71 million impressions to date and has launched the careers of many of the creatives involved. Even more impressive, Moxie was the only artist from New York City chosen for this campaign by Sprite out of 20,000 submissions. Lawrence Lamont, director for Issa Rae’s new HBO series, Rap Sh!t, served as the overseeing director to Ed “Buck” Buckles for the music video. Buck is known for his HBO documentary, “Katrina Babies,” featured in Time Magazine.

The inspiring young woman’s spirit and tenacity has allowed her to accomplish such tremendous success is her dynamic character. Most of her friends say she is “on-point, self-motivated, and inspiring,” while her colleagues describe her as a natural and warm-hearted leader who can effortlessly communicate with anyone. 

Due to her remarkable work ethic and vibrant personality, the seasoned performer has become a sought-after headliner performing in shows and venues all across New York City, such as SOB’s, DROM (via MajorStage), The Delancey, Rockwood Music Hall, Bowery Electric, The Paper Box, and many others. Moreover, she has graced the stages of several popular music festivals, including SXSW in Austin, Texas and A3C (via Fader Fort) in Atlanta, where she opened for Pink Sweat$ and Lion Babe on a three-day show, including Megan Thee Stallion. She also appeared in Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have It.”

Additionally, the multi-talented young lady has amassed a community of loyal fans and followers, many of whom are members of the dance and artist community. They have demonstrated great love and support for the rising superstar by creating choreographies and covers of her songs, such as “Love Me Right,” featured on Joe Kay’s Soulection Apple Music Playlist & Radio.

Recently, Moxie released her latest single, “Open Up,” with two music videos featuring day and night versions. Aside from that, the iconic artist has created a merch shop where fans can purchase premium shirts and totes that feature embroidered lyrics from the song. 

As Moxie Knox moves forward, she remains steadfast in her vision of elevating her music, and music lovers can expect more tracks that captivate the ears and stimulate the soul. She is already preparing several exciting drops, releases, features, and surprises, including collaborations with popular producers like Maya Jane Coles, and artists from around the world, including Germany, London, and the Netherlands. Lastly, fans can watch her live at her upcoming show with Sofar Sounds on October 29th in Los Angeles.