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OLY.B “Breaking Time”: Reviving Icons Through Glass and AI

As the art world converges on Los Angeles for Frieze week, a standout exhibition is poised to capture the imagination of art enthusiasts and critics alike. Los Angeles-based artist OLY.B is set to unveil “Breaking Time”, a mesmerizing collection that breathes new life into the icons of the 60s to 90s. This exhibition is not merely a display; it’s a portal where the past and present converge, creating a dialogue that transcends time and medium.

Located in the heart of the city’s vibrant art scene, the Korshun Gallery on Melrose will host this groundbreaking show on February 22. The collection, a result of OLY.B’s masterful blend of AI and traditional artistry, presents portraits of yesteryear’s celebrities in a manner never seen before. These are not just images; they are intimate encounters, with each subject appearing to push through glass, reaching out from their time into the present.

The exhibition’s centerpiece is a series of portraits that showcase OLY.B’s unique technique, combining mixed media and real broken glass. This innovative approach not only adds depth and texture but also symbolizes the shattering of the temporal barrier, allowing these icons to step into the present. The use of broken glass is a powerful metaphor, representing the fragility of time and the enduring impact of these personalities on contemporary culture.



Photo Credit: OLY.B

What sets “Breaking Time” apart is OLY.B’s use of AI, which brings a hyper-realistic dimension to the portraits. This technology, fused with the artist’s keen eye for detail and profound understanding of the human form, results in images that are both hauntingly familiar and refreshingly new. The AI does not replace the artist’s touch but amplifies it, allowing OLY.B to explore the nuances of expression and personality that made these icons unforgettable.

OLY.B, a name already resonant in the Los Angeles art scene, sees “Breaking Time” as more than an exhibition. It’s a conversation across decades, a celebration of creativity that defies the boundaries of time. The choice of subjects – celebrities known not just for their talents but for their unique personalities and societal impact – is deliberate. These are figures whose influence extends beyond their lifespan, touching the lives of generations.

As visitors walk through the Korshun Gallery, they will find themselves face to face with these icons, each portrait telling a story, each crack in the glass a narrative of resilience and enduring legacy. The exhibition is not just a visual feast; it’s an immersive experience that prompts introspection about the passage of time, the nature of fame, and the eternal quest for creative expression.

In “Breaking Time”, OLY.B does not merely recreate the past; he reinvents it, offering a bridge between the then and the now, between the artist and the muse, between the icon and the admirer. This collection is a testament to the power of art to defy the temporal, to preserve the essence of those who have left an indelible mark on culture and consciousness.

As the city gears up for Frieze week, “Breaking Time” is poised to be a highlight, not just for its artistic innovation but for its ability to connect, to resonate, and to inspire. In a world where the fleeting nature of fame is ever more pronounced, OLY.B’s work stands as a bold statement: that creativity, influence, and personality can break through the barriers of time, reaching out to the present, compelling people to look, to remember, and to feel.

For art lovers, critics, and casual observers alike, a visit to the Korshun Gallery on February 22 is more than an entry in the calendar; it’s an appointment with history, with art, and with the enduring spirit of those who, through their creative genius, continue to shape the world. “Breaking Time” is not just an exhibition; it’s a journey, a revelation, and a tribute to the timeless power of art and imagination. Join OLY.B in this extraordinary experience and be part of a moment that promises to impact the boundaries of art and memory.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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